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Welcome to the Augustine Institute / Lighthouse Catholic Media Resource Center

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  2. Titles Listing
  3. CD Synopses & Feedback (English)
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  5. Lighthouse Prospectus
  6. Kiosk Sales Brochure
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  8. 1-for-1 Exchange Form
  9. CD Club Subscription Form
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  11. Lighthouse Parish Catalog
  12. Add New Customer to NetSuite Form
  13. Letters of Endorsement
  14. Formed Prospectus
  15. Word on Fire Quote Request Form

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Parish Access Online Ordering Documentation for Parishes

Step-by-Step Online Parish Ordering Guide

How to Purchase Bulk MP3 Downloads
How to Resend Marketing Material Using Parish Access

Emissary Volunteer Program

Emissary webpage is https://www.lighthousecatholicmedia.org/emissaries
Share this link with anyone who would like to join us and volunteer as an Emissary

CLICK HERE to Register to Become an Emissary

Programs and Partnerships

Click the Logo to view information about the program.

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Religious Education Products

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Here you will find the recordings of the weekly
FORMED webinar trainings.

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