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Browsing the new Resource Center

On the Main Page, the general layout and categories are explained and linked to for your convenience. These are laid out very similar to the old Resource Center.

On the left side, there is a Navigation bar on every page, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for at any point.

The Getting Started page is a general collection of useful documents and information for all Account Managers. Below that the Resources category contains documents for various aspects of being a Representative of Lighthouse, and they are arranged alphabetically. The Partnerships category contains information about the various partnerships Lighthouse has with other Catholic companies.

To quickly help you find documents and pages, there is a search bar in the upper right hand corner. Type any words you are looking for, and it will search for articles or the document name and display the results.


Both RMs and DVMs have the ability to edit pages on the Resource Center. If you see a typo, or have some content you'd like to add, feel free to click the edit tab up in the upper right of every page. Some pages you won't be able to edit, as they are protected. Don't worry about making a mistake and removing parts of the page, every change is saved, and can be rolled back to. However, your name is recorded along with the edit, so please use this responsibly.

General Editing Guidelines

Download the editing cheat sheet

Uploading Documents

How To Upload Documents

Re-uploading Documents


If you experience any problems with the site, or have questions that weren't answered on these Help pages, feel free to contact Kathy Wolf at (866) 767-3155 or kathy.wolf@lighthousecatholicmedia.org or Karl Woodham at karl.woodham@lighthousecatholicmedia.org

Friday Morning Conference Call

Here are some documents I've created for our conference call.
User Privileges

Here's an example of a page where access is restricted: TestRestriction

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