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2020 Advent and Christmas $1.50 CD and Book Promotions

All Gifts available on https://catholic.market/150

Book Samples

CD Sample

Call our Customer Service Team at 866-767-3155 or email customer.service@augustineinstitute.org and we'll be happy to help

FORMED Promotions

NGK Kiosk Upgrade Offer $299 two sided, $199 one sided for parishes who have previously purchased. Available to first 1,000 parishes

CD of the Week Promotion

FORMED banner $89.95 each

dimensions: 31.5" X 78.5"

Free Discussion Question PDFs for kiosk books

2019 Lent and Easter $1.50 Gift Promotions

February 20, 2019 A Conversation with Dr. Scott Hahn on his book Signs of Life hosted by Julie Musselman with Mark Middendorf

Fast Forward webinar to listen:

  • 6:30 - How Signs of Life was written and published originally
  • 8:53 - The impact of Augustine Institute programs
  • 10:45 - The “Signs of Life” analogy
  • 16:55 - How the Bible informs all Catholic customs
  • 22:00 - The Blessed Mother as relates to Catholic customs and Scripture
  • 25:45 - Signs of Life giveaway story
  • 26:50 - How Signs of Life can impact fallen-away Catholics
  • 27:30 - One Signs of Life reader’s conversion story
  • 30:00 - Moving forward in the midst of scandal

Kiosk 20% off CD Lenten Promotion expire March 31, 2019 extended to April 15, 2019

Kiosk Ideas for Lent

AI Parish Based Programs Promotion Lent Easter 2019

15% of AI DVDs, Leader Guides and Study Guide Promotion (does not include $5.95/$8.95 guides as they are already up to 60 % off) Extended to May 3

2018 Advent and Christmas $1.50 Promotions and Ideas for Parishes

November 2018 20% off all CDs

FORMED Promotions:

October 8 to October 31 2018 FORMED free gift of Lectio: Eucharist DVD, Leader Guide and 5 Study Guides

August 14 to September 30 2018 FORMED free gift of Presence

Summer 2018 CD and Book Promotions

==2017 Advent/Christmas Promotion==

2017 Advent Flyer 2017 Advent Tri-Fold Mailer Letter to go with Sample Book Joy to the World

//docs.google.com/document/d/1N8OaYqeYJEy9KRYPKJPqlRSPz8U_AUT2IVwMhJ-rvuY/edit Ideas on how to welcome home all those who attend Christmas Masses ]

==2018 $1 Gifts for Lent, Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday Promotions==

Parish Ideas for Lent, Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday Evangelization

A Lent to Remember image.jpg

June and July 2018 CD Promotion

3-Core Spiritual Weapons Promotion

PDF Sample pages of our 2017 $1 Books:

==Knights of Columbus Knights of Columbus can sponsor FORMED at their parish==

After giving Joy to the World during Advent or Christmas, Invite everyone to a book discussion night at the parish using these Study Questions:

2017 Christmas Ideas for Parishes


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